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guess what? I’ve got a secret –   For a mere $29.50, you can buy heaven. Fellow Jesus-lovers – don’t freak! Fellow fashion lovers – listen up! Now, I think we can all agree, I like to be on the up and up with the clothes. I love heels and wear them to work most … Continue reading

Danger Zone

Get out of town. Why does my fiance rock so much? This year for my 23rd b-day, he handed me a small rectangular box (over a candlelit, homemade spaghetti dinner, but let’s not brag) that could only mean one thing. My Ray Bans are here. I’ve been training myself to care for nice sunglasses for … Continue reading

Cuppa Tea

Everyone has their secret weapon;  style that makes them feel invincible. For some, it’s a manicure or a piece of jewelry that doubles as a security blanket. “I’d feel naked without it!” No, no honey, I believe you. That’s what I love about fashion; we all have our joie de vivre, our own “cuppa tea” … Continue reading

Color Me … Anything

It’s almost here my loves! Spring! And by almost here I mean we can all start pretending that it will be consistently warm.  While, really we’ll wake up and put on fun skirts with really good intentions, but will high-tail it back into our skinny jeans when the wind starts to blow and the temperature … Continue reading


Pardon, it’s a little dusty up in this blog. It’s true, I went on hiatus. I just couldn’t find the time to put my childish adventures, emotional hurdles, and fashionable developments into witty sentences and paragraphs for the past few months. But the girl’s back. Let’s talk. Where are ya? Oh nestled in the hills … Continue reading

pullups, babies, & me.

hey hey, she’s back! But I’m here to comment on a totally different subject: Nannying. Yes, yes, in the name of a bank account with money in it, I’ve traded in my shorty denim cutoffs and favorite suede Nine West pumps for a (modest) bikini and a pair of chaco sandals. I am chin deep … Continue reading

to conclude (3 weeks later)

i apologize for this last post being SO late to the game, it’s been a little crazy around here. King David said there is a season for everything and the man was right. As June packed up it’s bags, so did I. On July 1st I loaded up my Jeep with my suitcases and a … Continue reading

all dressed out.

Ok kiddos, we’re wrapping up June. It’s the end of the month and almost the end of my internship, which is good, only because I’m just about at the end of my wardrobe. I was so proud of my self for condensing a month’s worth of clothes into 1 large suitcase and 1 small suitcase … Continue reading

top it all off.

I want to tell you about someone special in my life. Someone who never changes and always is there to help me out in a pinch. Someone who came along unexpectedly a few months ago; but has not yet ceased to capture my attention constantly. This someone is: my beloved straw hat. Here we are, … Continue reading

just call me Clooney.

So, I’m a self-preserving person. I hate messing up, I hate making the wrong move. The preceeding sentence probably reads truer if you replace hate with the word fear. Fear of failure has made me a planner-aheader, a foreseer, a realist, and a worrier. I’m like George Clooney in that movie “Michael Clayton,”  Yea, I … Continue reading